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That Time I Got Vice Magazine Really Annoyed
Pittsburgh Author Karen Lillis Talks Me Up!
Hudson Reporter Gives Me Love for My Reading in Hoboken!
Richmond Blog "I Could Go On and On" Give me Love

Interviewed in the middle of a blizzard on Washington Heights Free Radio (We'll Never Have Paris show!)

Silk City Series:
Maximum Rock n Roll Magazine:
"These stories are interesting and they carve out a working class identity specific to the East Coast. I think the presentation is very beautiful and put together with an eye for the antique, forgotten, miserable and deranged...[It] has a sort of a soft focus on reality, muttering through events by telling honestly but leaving details to be surmised."

Zine World:
(referring to 'One Night in the Rail Yard')
"This is a story about growing up in gritty Paterson, NJ. What makes this fiction piece engrossing is Eric's deftness with characterizations and believable dialogue."

The Broadset Collective's Review

Xerography Debt ("One Man's War" and "Let's Take a Ride to Riverside")

Cup and Saucer Chronicles:
Issue #1
Maximum Rock n Roll Magazine:
"....a well-written mini-perzine that touches on losing a parent, growing up, shifting neighborhoods, restless youth, train rides out of town, and how these things shape a person. A cool zine that made for a strangely moving read."- Layla Gibbon