Monday, September 6, 2010

Killadelphia First Friday and Notes on Pork Roll/ Taylor Ham

The Eastern Seaboard Showcase Part 1 went down on Friday, to a good-sized crowd at the Philadelphia Center for the Book pop-up store on South Street and S. 6th. I read with the talented Sarah Heady, Angel Hogan, Hailey Higdon, Matt Zingg and Michael Lala, the only fiction writer of the bunch. The guys and I stayed with photographer/poet Brandon Lake in South Philly and celebrated with style and class as per usual.
Besides Tattooed Mom's, which Mike and I drink at everytime we're in Society Hill, we ate at South Philly's best diner the Melrose Diner. The waitresses here are the best. Also, I ate this:

Definitely my favorite breakfast food ever, only available in the Philadelphia area and all of New Jersey. This is Philly/South Jersey's brand.

This is the North Jersey (and maybe a few NYC locations as I haven't found) brand, called "Taylor Ham". The difference between the two brands is in amount of spice, but really in nomenclature and will forever split the state. That and the whole difference in population and urban planning.

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