Monday, November 22, 2010

Stick n' Poke!!

Andrew Smith, promoter/writer/renaissance man and myself got together last Thursday at his Greenpoint loft, where he gave me an ole fashioned stick n' poke tattoo. The wonderfully talented Emily Poole, photographer and web-designer for Knickerbocker Circus Publishing was there to capture the magic.

Andy and I met after I went to one of his Knife Fight parties and knew he was onto something really cool. It turns out I had been to one of his infamous shows before (with this guy, this girl and these girls over here). This little fact didn't surface until Andy and I put on a nice show at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg as part of the Noches de los Artistes series he did over the summer. One cool motherfucker.

Finished product (as you can kinda see) is a triangle with the numbers "973" on there, my old area code from Jersey. Special thanks to Andy and Emily! Andy will be reading at the next Fireside Follies next month and has promised a new true-life tale to dazzle us with.

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