Monday, April 26, 2010

A Lovely Email!!!

This just came into my mailbox. I wrote this for an open mic and for "We'll Never Have Paris." I'll be performing this and a new personal essay at "Mr. Beller's Neighborhood" Friday night, April 30 (most likely Happy Ending on Broome Street, Manhattan). Mind you, this is the full text of the email:
"I found Eric Nelson's, "Young, Dumb and Full of Ink" textured and exquisitely engaged in the throes of pathos. It seems there is some DNA strand found in the male species that impels young men to tattoo their girlfriends name, typically on the upper arm. I was lucky enough or cursed enough not to get a tat while in the Navy - the only one on my ship. When asked by my shipmates I simply replied that a tat would need to hold some strong personal meaning to me and I had yet to find it. Nelson's essay resonates and is insightful, a bravo performance!"


Thanks Chris!!!

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